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Bellatex Industries LLC Acquired by Kurt Manufacturing

Kurt Manufacturing introduces the new TriLock vise with CARVESMART jaws; it will now carry the full CARVESMART product lineup.

Posted: May 2, 2023

Kurt DX6 with CARVESMART master jaws and machined aluminum jaw extrusions.
he Kurt TL6 TriLock with CARVESMART.
Kurt Manufacturing, Bellatex Ind. LLC, quick change vise jaws, CARVESMART, Ted Kuhlmann, Bill Ehnstrom, Kurt Workholding, Jeff Lenz, Kurt TriLock Vises
he Kurt TL6 TriLock with CARVESMART.

Minneapolis-based Kurt Manufacturing recently announced the acquisition Bellatex Ind. LLC, Owner of CARVESMART™—the original dovetailed quick-change vise jaw system. In an asset acquisition, Kurt has acquired all CARVESMART patents and inventory.  

Kurt Workholding will carry a full inventory of current CARVESMART products along with the new Kurt TriLock Vise with CARVESMART jaws (at right). Precut machinable jaws and jaw extrusions will still be available to new and existing CARVESMART customers. Kurt is in the process of transitioning all CARVESMART website assets to to maintain continuity for all customers. 

“This is a really exciting addition to the Kurt Workholding product lineup,” said Ted Kuhlmann, President and CEO of Kurt Manufacturing. “Carvesmart’s innovative design and Kurt’s scale are a perfect match to bring the quick-change system to a wider customer base and a complete product lineup including machine-ready vises.” 

CARVESMART founder, Bill Ehnstrom, will join Kurt Workholding’s sales and product teams to ensure a seamless transition and continue developing products that meet the needs of an automation-focused marketplace. 

“The CARVESMART dovetailed jaw system was created to help shops manage high-variability jobs with multiple parts running on a handful of machines,” said Bill Ehnstrom, CARVESMART founder. “The dream was always to produce not only great accessory jaw plates, but to bring a complete CARVESMART vise to market. The new Kurt TriLock with CARVESMART is the realization of that dream.” 

Kurt Workholding plans to sell the CARVESMART system directly on and through their existing distribution network. New and existing CARVESMART customers will receive the same outstanding customer service they expect from Kurt. CARVESMART products will also remain available for purchase at during the changeover to ensure a seamless transition for current customers. 

“CARVESMART is an incredible addition to the Kurt Workholding product lineup,” said Jeff Lenz, Executive Vice President, Proprietary Products, Kurt Manufacturing. “Already a successful business on its own, CARVESMART will flourish with new products, and wider distribution. Kurt’s production and warehousing scale will facilitate fast delivery times and greater on-hand inventory for CARVESMART customers.” 

Kurt Workholding’s new TriLock Vise with CARVESMART features a 3-in-1 vise design that can be a traditional 6-inch double-station vise, a single station vise or a large single station vise. The vise comes equipped with CARVESMART jaws with standard hard jaw plates installed and a second set of machinable aluminum jaw plates. 

Kurt TriLock Vises will be available in May through distributors and at CARVESMART jaws, jaw plates and accessories are still available at 

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